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Regional Tourism

About us

’We are passionate about helping regional communities and promoting tourism in regional Australia.’  

The directors of Regional Tourism Australia grew up in regional Australia and choose to live and work in regional Australia.  The team has vast experience in regional tourism, small business management and web application development.

Our team

Rob Tibbett

Rob is our Managing Director, creator and editor-in-chief of RvTrips, a tourism website designed to promote regional Australia to the motorhome, caravan and camper trailer community. 

Tony Sharley

Tony created and now manages Murray River Walk in South Australia after speding 10 years as Manager of the Banrock Station Wetlands and 10 years involvement in the Murray-Darling Basin Initiative. 

Henry DuRieu

Henry has extensive experience in small business management and tourism in South Australia. He was instrumental in our Great Rivers Australia initiative and operates a successful digital design and drafting business.

Using tourism to grow regional Australia


Regional Australia - an exciting destination.  


To make a positive difference to the communities in regional Australia using tourism, the internet and education as vehicles to help businesses stimulate their local economies, create employment growth and foster environmental care.  

Using tourism to grow regional Australia


Regional Tourism Australia embodies passion, honesty and entrepreneurial flair. We work with the finest minds in Australian tourism, internet development and environmental management.
We value creative input and enjoy the synergy that comes from working with passionate and professional individuals.

We listen. We value real world experience, new ideas and local knowledge.

We value discussions with small business owners and we listen to their concerns. We want to make a quantifiable difference to their lives by providing easy access to modern, ‘best practice’ internet applications and educational programs.

We value the environment and the uniqueness that regional Australia has to offer the world.

We actively encourage partnerships with industry leaders and organisations that, as a team can provide exceptional service and products specific to regional Australia..  

Using tourism to grow regional Australia


Regional Tourism Australia will always act first in the interests of regional Australia and its communities.
Regional Tourism Australia will use its vast experience in regional Australia, tourism, small business management and internet development to produce ‘class leading’ internet based products which will:

Inspire Australians to want to visit regional Australia.
Provide effective tools for regional businesses to better utilise and benefit from the growth in national tourism.
Educate businesses in ways which better promote their goods and services to a new, wider internet based market.

We will create mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded organisations committed to helping regional communities to better adapt to changing consumer and environmental patterns.

We will operate a number of commercial Projects that will fund research and development, business operations, growth and marketing. 

Regional Tourism Australia will comply with all Australian State and Federal legal requirements and will always act in a professional, fair and ethical manner..  

Using tourism to grow regional Australia


Regional Tourism Australia’s goal is to operate a group of self sustainable internet based projects that will promote and assist regional Australian economies.
We want to:
Showcase the natural beauty of regional Australia.
Inspire Australians to visit regional Australia regularly.
Encourage discovery and ongoing use of its authentic local produce.

We will give back to regional Australian communities. Preference will be given to ‘not for profit’ tourism, health and environmental organisations that actively assist, promote and/or encourage sustainable growth in regional Australian communities.

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